Generally there are several solutions of repairing slab leaks in ones Mansfield Texas home. The strategy which works the very best is based on several unique things, like have there also been past slab leaks in the home? How old is the home and the underground plumbing pipes? How wide spread of a leak exists?

Mansfield Slab Leak Repair TypesRepiping Mansfield TX

Considered one of the more popular approaches of fixing slab leaks is pipe re-routing. Using this, new water pipes are installed all through the residence to replace the leaking pipes in the slab. It can be less of a challenge to reroute the new pipes within walls or ceilings, for there is no need to have them in the cement slab. Among the products utilized is called PEX tubing, which is a flexible plumbing pipe. It is helpful to implement since it is so flexible and requires a lot fewer connection fittings, making the possibility of water leaks occurring less too.

Direct Access
An additional usual option of slab leak repair is named direct access. This is one of the most conventional way, where a hole is created above the slab leak, generally with a jackhammer, so the leaking pipe may be replaced. For leaks outside, this particular method would be a great solution in lots of situations.

Epoxy Lining
So, what if one could set a shell inside the pipe that has a leak to stop it, without having to excavate any water lines or install new pipes to replace the leaking ones? That is the principle associated with epoxy lining. Initially, the current pipes are cleaned to remove any corrosion buildup. After that, the pipes are lined with an epoxy that is pushed via the water pipes with compressed air. The epoxy will harden, creating a protective layer via the whole pipe. It helps reduce future leaks due to the fact all of the pipes are coated with the epoxy.

Full Repiping
This is the method of entirely upgrading the whole water pipe system. By circumventing the leaking water lines in the slab and putting in new plumbing above the slab, like completed with repiping explained previously, the existing water line is bypassed all together. This is a recommended approach that will get rid of the possibility of future leaks on that same water pipe. This would lessen long term water damage and repair costs. It might seem like this would be far more expensive of a method than just repairing one leak, but if there already have been leaks, and when it seems possible that there will be more slab leaks in the future, in the long term, this would be the best option.

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